Friday, August 18, 2017

Canon Fodder Podcast Episode #00: The Prologue

Oi! Our pilot episode of the Canon Fodder Podcast is now live and waiting for your hungry ears. In this episode, Kyle and I lay our grand plans for the project, discuss the format, dish out the reading schedule, and generally have a good chortle hum drum brum.

Give it a listen, and do us a favor: if you like it, subscribe and check out Episode 01, which will debut in two weeks. For updates, you can follow us on Twitter @canonfodderpod, and check back in two weeks here at the CF HQ. We'll be discussing Mass Effect: Andromeda and it's tie in, ME:A:NU. And then we're off to the races! 

For links to where you can buy the books online, check the Canon Fodder Podcast webpage. We don't receive any commission for sending you there, so if you don't want to buy it from your favorite Megacorporation, grab them from the local library, or wherever else highly flammable entertainment is sold.



  • Audio is a little wacky. Sorry. Future episodes are hugely improved due to the discovery of the Limiter and Normalizer.
  • We originally considered themeing seasons around genre; horror, SF, fantasy. We scrapped the idea but still managed to wind up with a SF-centric season. Season 02 will be better balanced, we promise.
  • At the time of publication, we've recorded 4 of 6 episodes. So don't worry, we will have them all out in time for your grubby little ears.
  • Music by Luke Knight

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