Saturday, August 26, 2017

Leaky, Exile of the Golden Tur Clan Biography

Leaky was exiled from his barbarian clan many years ago and the only way back in is to prove to his clan that he is worthy to be let back in. Either through a test of strength, bravery or to recover a lost relic from the the clan's past. On his last mission with Cezarria, El, and Flint he was able to recover the Dwarven Thrower from (insert area here) but found that he enjoyed the company of Flint. Who to Leaky's dismay was killed while taking down the leader of the water cult. El was killed as well but Leaky didn't like her too much. So he went on another adventure in another area with his scratchy crab (that he got into a fist fight over with another barbarian) and Cezarria. Now he is going to take on the Dragon Queen and hopefully win more glory for himself and his clan. 

Leaky's Character Sheet

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