Thursday, August 24, 2017

PSA: All Canon Fodder Podcasts are now clean(ed) and SFW!

Hello fearless listener!

Travis reporting in from the front lines of the intergalactic gnome war with the latest Canon Fodder news. Kyle and I are adjusting the Diecast to be profanity-free going forward, and I am producing cleaned versions of the existing Diecast episodes that -bleep- out the profanity. It wasn't a terrible issue before, but in order to maximize our audience draw, and to make the show friendly for more listeners, we decided this is the right way to go.

As always, our mainline Canon Fodder Podcast is profanity-free for your pleasure!

Ok, it looks like I need to get back to the front. The gnomes are making another press to break the alligator siege.

See you on Monday for the first episode of the Canon Fodder DIECAST! WOO!

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