Monday, September 18, 2017

Canon Fodder Podcast Episode #02: Dead Space: Martyr

Praise Altman, you chixculubs! Episode 02 of the Canon Fodder Podcast has finally arrived! This week we're gnawing on Dead Space and it's prequel tie-in Dead Space: Martyr. If you weren't sold by last episode's cynicism, you'll be thrilled by this episode's genuine enthusiasm. Also, guest-starring Jenn, AKA Cezzaria from our Diecast!

Show Notes (TL;DR)

  • Now with 400% more positivity!
  • Is that a less-ridiculous runtime you spy? You bet!
  • Music by Luke Knight
Follow @Canonfodderpod on Twitter for show updates, goofy antics, shenaniganery, and more. We'll be back in two weeks with Episode 03: Borderlands: Gunsight, by John Shirley. Or, if you're down for some D&D, check out our other show, the Canon Fodder Diecast. Spooky!


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