Saturday, September 2, 2017

D&D Diecast Episode #02: I Am A Sweaty Man

The siege of Greenest continues, while Leaky and Cezzaria exercise lethal and unnecessary force in driving the invaders out. But the dragon circles overhead, slowly, and the lives of villagers are at stake. Somewhere, a pair of boots goes unclaimed....

  • We recommend you listen to this podcast from the beginning, because it is heavily story-based.
  • Episode 02 doesn't have an intro because we record two sessions at once. We'll be better about this in the future.
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  • If you're wondering how or where Leaky got his Dwarven Thrower, or where Cezzaria got her Drown scimitar, check out the Canon Fodder Diecast page for more information on the characters!
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  • UPDATE (Sept 2 @11:00 AM): We missed and F-bomb and re-uploaded to fix it.

1 comment:

  1. As if the Nigerian Prince wasn't enough, now I'm picturing Leaky amping himself up for his dramatic leap, puffing air, screaming his warcry as he takes his running start, and then springing high into the air. But he misses the dragon with flailing fingers and an "OOP" with eyes bulging.

    A gasp of dismay fills the burning town as Leaky disappears from view. The dragon continues forward at 98 mph, its wings rising with a WHOOOOOSH, and there's Leaky again. Clinging to the wingtip farthest from the wall. Up he goes, gripping the wingtip between finger and thumb. The wing catapults him up and over, forward, to land perfectly astraddle the dragon. His cackling drowns out the fires outside the keep.

    Another series of dismayed gasps fill the air as he starts attacking the distant dragon. None can look away. All wish they could.