Monday, October 2, 2017

Canon Fodder Podcast Episode #03: Borderlands: Gunsight

Look at us! We're dancin' we're dancin'! (I feel dirty writing that. Sorry, Internet.) Episode 03 of the Canon Fodder Podcast drops today, and you're looking at it! This week we shoot the breeze over Borderlands: Gunsight, a pre-sequel(?) by John Shirley. It's a good show. Make sure you stay to the end, though. Click into the episode for more info and subscription info!

  • This episode is a mixed bag of very different experiences.Travis previously discussed a Borderlands on Games as Lit. Sadly, that episode is lost to time. Probably.
  • John Shirley, the author of Gunsight, also wrote the Bioshock prequel!
  • Kyle still hasn't cut his hair
  • Music by Luke Knight
Next week, Episode 05 of the Canon Fodder Diecast airs! Check it out for some fun (weird) RPG action. And check back in two weeks for CFP Ep. 04: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, by Sean Williams.

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