Monday, October 30, 2017

Canon Fodder Podcast Episode #05: Elite: Legacy

Prepare your fusion reactors to go critical this week, folks. We're discussing Michael Brooke's Elite: Legacy, and the open-world space simulator Elite: Dangerous. Up-front, we're going to be very critical of the book. But don't let that steer you away. We worked really hard to turn this episode into a constructive workshop for writers and readers alike. I think we all walk away having learned something. If you write, we really, really recommend you give this one a close listen.

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Show Notes (TL;DR)
  • This episode was edited entirely by Kyle, and he had his hands full with trying to turn it into a workshop. Let him know how he did on Twitter and give him a follow @turbonukem15
  • This episode is a lot shorter than usual because it is the only book we did NOT finish in this season. Don't let that deter you!
  • This episode is packed with quality work-shopping, some hard critiques, and discussion of the writing and revision process!
  • Music by Luke Knight!
  • Check back this Sunday for Diecast Episode 07: Posse of Idjits! Teaser image below!
In two weeks, we'll be wrapping up Season 01's regular run with Halo: Reach by Eric Nylund. It's a great read and a good listen. We can't wait to share it with you!


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