Sunday, October 22, 2017

D&D Diecast Episode 06: Failing the Stairs Check

Gather your dice, minions! Diecast returns deadlier than ever as Leaky and Cezzaria struggle to understand and navigate exotic concepts like "stairs" and "rope ladders." This one...well, it gets weird. But we're having a blast with the Diecast and are really happy to be hearing from you on Twitter. Tweet us @canonfodderpod, and join in on the conversation! Click into this post for more info.

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  • Travis thinks the best explanation for this episode's lack of brains is probably natural gas.
  • We're using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules for entertainment purposes only; this show is provided free of charge
  • Hoard of the Dragon Queen published by Kobold Press
  • Music by Ken Macleod: Ancient Power of Serpents and Evil Incoming, used within the CC Attribution
Check back next week for the fifth episode of the Canon Fodder Podcast, in which chew over Elite: Legacy. It's a constructive episode that we think aspiring writers stand to learn a lot from, even if it wasn't an easy conversation to haveAlso, in two weeks we're back with another Diecast! Czech it out!

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