Sunday, November 19, 2017

D&D Diecast Episode 08: The Tides Have Turned

Strap on your riding chaps, listeners! The Diecast crew hits the road in this episode as we move into a whole new segment of the episode. Also, we debut a new pre-show segment in which we do a five-ish minute discussion. This week's pre-show chat is a "State of the Game" in which we discuss rules and things. If you're not already, follow @canonfodderpod, and join in on the conversation! Click into this post for subscription info!

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TL;DR (Show Notes)
  • This episode is the beginning of a new "arc" and includes a pretty thorough review of previous episodes; great place to jump in!
  • Travis plans a monster he thinks will be a challenge; Jenn and Kyle stomp it. It's a pattern, people. Break the chains!
  • Check back on Saturday for a bonus episode of the Diecast!!!
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