Monday, December 25, 2017

D&D Diecast Critmas Episode: The Wizard's Winter Workshop


MERRY CRITMAS, listeners! The Diecast is skating onto your music players and media devices with a very special Critmas episode, just for you! This two-hour extravaganza is 100% holiday home-brew and child-safe! Leaky, Cezzaria, and Korri the Wyrmcrusher are hired by a jolly old wizard to reclaim his Winter Workshop so he can continue making toys for all the good girls and boys...and then in true Diecast fashion, it gets a little...weird. We hope you love it because there's no gift receipts. Someone ate them.

If you like this home-brew content, it's available for your own use! CLICK HERE to download a copy of the WIZARD'S WINTER WORKSHOP for use with your own crew. Recommended levels 3-10.

Legal: Intro and outro music are "Christmas Rap" and "We Got Trouble Incoming," composed by Kevin MacLeod. Both songs are used within the Creative Common License. The Diecast is intended for entertainment purposes only. Dungeons and Dragons is the copyright of Wizards of the Coast. Follow us on Twitter @canonfodderpod for show news, game updates and character antics. If you enjoyed the show, please go leave us a review. Thanks for listening, and see you next time! Roll for initiative!

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