Sunday, December 31, 2017

D&D Diecast Episode 11: The Fate of the Fancy Pants (And Other Crimes)


Get your detective hats on, good listener! Our defective detectives scour the hidden spaces of Blackgate district for signs of the Dragon Cult, and for the missing persons. It all seems to point to Niebolt Street...what could be going on? Find out and more in this deadly episode of the Canon Fodder Diecast! ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!

Legal: Intro and outro music are "Evil Incoming" and "Five Armies," composed by Kevin MacLeod. Both songs are used within the Creative Common License. The Diecast is intended for entertainment purposes only. Dungeons and Dragons is the copyright of Wizards of the Coast. Follow us on Twitter @canonfodderpod for show news, game updates and character antics. If you enjoyed the show, please go leave us a review. Thanks for listening, and see you next time! Roll for initiative!

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