Monday, December 25, 2017

Freebie: D&D Critmas Holiday One-shot: The Wizard's Winter Workshop

Merry Critmas, adventurers and dungeoneers! The Diecast has a special present for you this year: a free one-shot D&D adventure called The Wizard's Winter Workshop, which infuses holiday good cheer with dangerous action and quirky adventure! Read below for details!

CLICK HERE to download your free copy of The Winter's Wizard Workshop

The Wizard's Winter Workshop

Adventure Overview

This one-shot side adventure can be run as a standalone adventure, or easily plugged into another campaign with a little jiggering. On Solstice Eve, the characters find themselves visited by a strange figure, be it on the roadside, in a murky pub, or the city streets. This character, who refers to himself as the Wizard of Houl, has a task that requires bold characters to reclaim his workshop from the automatons that have taken it over.

Feedback Wanted!

This text is in alpha, and I'd love your feedback. I plan to release it on the DM's Guild at some point in the next year, so feel free to tweet feedback at me @travisoknight, or leave it in commentary down below.

About the Author

Travis lives and writes in Central New York, with his wife, their cat, and an army of desperate houseplants. You can find more of his writing at, or on the Canon Fodder Diecast, which he writes, produces, and DMs. Check that out at, or follow on Twitter @travisoknight and @canonfodderpod!

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