Sunday, March 11, 2018

CF Diecast Episode 16: An Array of Hats (and other bad puns)


THE HOME STRETCH! Our morally ambiguous dragon-hunters are on the last leg of their journey to Waterdeep, with only the fortified town of Daggerford and a few frosty miles yet remaining...but the road is never so dangerous as when it appears most safe! Action! Bloodshed! Hats! This Diecast episode has it all, and if you love it, please leave a rating or review on iTunes! Also: at the end Travis makes an announcement about a new story publication!

Legal: Intro and outro music are "Evil Incoming" and "Five Armies," composed by Kevin MacLeod. Both songs are used within the Creative Common License. The Diecast is intended for entertainment purposes only. Dungeons and Dragons is the copyright of Wizards of the Coast.

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