About Us

Travis Knight

Travis lives and writes in Central New York, with his wife, their cat, and an army of desperate houseplants. You can find more of his writing at www.travisoknight.com.

Kyle Newcomb

Kyle lives and works in Central New York with his girlfriend, their zoo of animals (2 cats, a dog and 2 guinea pigs) but no house plants. He doesn't have a lot out there as far as content at the moment but stay tuned and there will be more of him on the internet.

Contact the Canon Fodder Crew

Get in touch with us @canonfodderpod on Twitter, or shoot us an email at contact[at]canonfodderpodcast.com. We're open to suggestions for the show to cover, and also to discussing cool D&D home-brew materials or news, if you're looking for a podcast to share it on.

The Canon Fodder Podcasts are created and produced by Travis Knight and Kyle Newcomb. Canon Fodder Podcast theme music by Lukas Knight. Canon Fodder Captain's Log logo by Tom Rigney. All other art by Travis Knight.

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