D&D Diecast

The Diecast is a Dungeons and Dragons-themed actual play that uses the 5e rules (mostly). Travis DMs for Kyle, Jenn, and Lindsey, who play a half-mad barbarian, a scheming rogue, and an overconfident goliath paladin. All show art and cover art is drawn by Travis. Intro and outdo music is by Kevin MacLeod. New episodes air every other week!


Ep. 17: Swamp Crotch! Coming March 2018!
Ep. 18: Mother of Frogs Coming April 2018!
Ep. 19: Coming April 2018!

Dramatis Personae

JENN as...
Cezzaria, wielder of Drown, seeker of lost treasures.

KYLE as...
Leaky the Incorrigible, Exile of the Golden Tur Clan.

Korri Wyrmcrusher, Paladin of Tyr and slayer of dragons!

Music Credits: Intro/Outro music changes occasionally, but is most often "Evil Incoming" and "Five Armies" or "Ancient Power of Serpents" by Kevin MacLeod, taken from www.incompetech.com. Music is used within the Creative Common rights.

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